• High Performance Bodywork

How To Self Massage Lower Leg

The video includes Remedial massage techniques for you to try at home for the lower leg including trigger point active release, and cross fiber massage for areas that are tight and restricted in the calf/shin muscles

  • Essential oil blends provide better results, and many have a heating effect that you will feel warming up the muscles. I use Arnica which is widely available in store or online.

  • Always remember to breathe while you massage

  • Its not meant to be painful, work on a pain scale of 6/10 being the most amount of pain (never go into 8/10 pain range for example)

  • 5-10min of massage is enough time to reduce muscle soreness, improve blood flow and speed up recovery time for athletes

  • These techniques work well if you spend large amounts of your day seated, they should make you feel lighter on your feet and get you moving well after prolonged periods seated