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Top Recovery Strategies for Athletes

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

What athletes do after their exercise effects muscle recovery, injury prevention, training consistency, training volume, and ultimately competition performance.

Here are my key recommendations to athletes for improving your post exercise routine.

· Include recovery or rest days to allow growth and adaptation to occur

· Gentle stretching that helps the muscle to recover faster

· Include a cool down period after workouts, rather than stopping immediately

· A Proper balanced diet

· Adequate fluid replacement including ensuring electrolytes are adequately being replaced

· Proper remedial massage on regular basis

· Ice water baths or cold therapy. Ideally done in 12-15 degrees temp, for 5-10min, 3x per week or after your most difficult sessions

· Yoga - great for active recovery, stability and mobility

· Get enough good sleep, the more research that comes out about sleep, the more people are starting to realise how crucial it is to health

What are your secrets to post exercise recovery?